High quality apps that delight

Tapcode develops high quality, native apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), watchOS, tvOS and macOS, both in-house and for clients.

We believe that users trust and appreciate applications that delight, are responsive and well structured. That’s why we’re focusing on native applications that integrate seamlessly and respect the platform guidelines.

Hand crafted in South Tyrol, Italy

Our software is always hand crafted, never thrown together from design templates, third party libraries, or copied code from the web.

Tapcode is based in South Tyrol, an autonomous Italian province located in the middle of the beautiful Alps. Due to its history, it is a bilingual area that is heavily influenced by Austrian and Italian culture. Find out more about us!

Working for the world

In the last years, we’ve worked for businesses, both on-side and remote, in Canada, New Zealand and Italy. We have experience working remotely across time zones and continental boundaries. Whether you need an additional resource for software development, valuable tips for app marketing, consulting or a complete new app, we’re looking forward to hear from you. Get in touch!

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