I am Johannes Erschbamer


Johannes is passionated about mobile and wearable devices, delighting user interfaces and best practices in software development. He loves to build things people love.

Since 2010 he is working as an iOS developer and has build and collaborated on a wide variety of projects for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch, including utilities, games, multimedia readers, TV recorders, social networks, entertainment apps and professional tools. In 2013, he won a scholarship for the Apple WWDC in San Francisco and graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. In 2018, he passed the Italian state exam to practice the regulated profession Information Systems Engineer (Ingegnere dell’informazione).

Johannes occasionally blogs and shares his thoughts on Twitter, mostly about iOS development and tech. In his free time, he loves gardening and travel, riding his vintage Vespa and enjoying quality sushi and wine.


Crafting iOS apps since 2010
A lot has changes since 2010. Johannes started working on his first apps in Xcode 3, the iPhone 3GS was state of the art and mobile computing power was limited. However, his commitment to deliver the best possible experience on mobile did not change since then.

Strong educational background
His educational background in Computer Science and research (M.Sc.) helps Johannes viewing a problem in its entirety and helps detecting potential problems at an early stage.

Multilingual with international work experience
Johannes is fluent in German, English and Italian. Working in different countries and experience different cultures helped Johannes manage change, being independent and to improve his communication skills.

Expertized in Swift and Objective-C
Users love apps that are responsive. Beautiful and fluid animations can support clarity and the overall user satisfaction. That’s why Johannes focuses on native apps, build with programming languages that are most appropriate for the platform.

Wide variety of projects
Johannes worked on a wide variety of projects for established businesses and startups around the world. This includes utilities, games, TV recorders and social networks.

Experience with many platforms and languages
Seeing the bigger picture is important. Johannes has also experience with Java, C# .NET, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flutter and many more languages and technologies.


It was a pleasure to work with Johannes in Wuerth-Phoenix. Really competent in iOS development and great in team collaboration. He is also propositive with ideas for the whole team. Technically prepared and always committed to the team challenges. Thanks Johannes.- Valerio Ferrucci, Team Leader at Würth Phoenix (2019 - Bolzano, Italy)
Johannes joined our team and instantly fit in. His passion for iOS development and dedication to quality work was very impressive. We will miss having him on our team. If you have an opportunity to work with Johannes - Take it!- Matt Crowell, CEO at GetintheLoop (2015 - Kelowna, Canada)
Johannes dropped into our mobile team for a short period fixed term contract and was immediately effective. He was dedicated, highly competent, and quickly earned the respect and trust of the team. What's more, he's a sunny, positive guy to have around the office. Highly recommended!- Peter Shaw, Head of Engineering at ikeGPS (2016 - Wellington, New Zealand)
I had the pleasure of working with Johannes while leading the Development of SpeedyTOUCH (Würth Phoenix). Johannes is a hard-working, business-minded and talented professional who keeps his promises and delivers early. Highly competent, a trustworthy person to collaborate. He earns my highest recommendation!- Manuel Stuefer, Lead Software Engineer at Würth Phoenix (2017 - Bolzano, Italy)
Johannes was a core member of our team at GetintheLoop and was instrumental in developing our core iOS product. He is very knowledgeable of the iOS platform, with good technical skills that lead to a high-quality product for our users. He worked well within our small team to ship frequent high quality product updates. He also understands how business requirements shape products and companies, and was not phased by the rapid evolution of business that happens in a startup.- Cayley Humphries, CTO at GetintheLoop (2015 - Kelowna, Canada)
Johannes has done a terrific Job for Frinzer taking a quite complex and not well documented existing iOS project and making it compliant to new iOS versions as well as to improve its performance. His main strenght is to have a clear vision and to be well organized when coding and therefore to deliver clean and working code.- Hannes Pardeller, CEO at Frinzer (2011 - Bolzano, Italy)
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