In early 2017, Johannes designed and developed, in collaboration with the Safy team, an alarm system for firefighters.

    Safy sends push notifications to voluntary firefighters as soon an operation alarm is broadcasted via POCSAG. It also falls back to text messages if the notification could not be delivered. Moreover, firefighters can access the complete history of their operations and review task details, such as alarm type, location and notes with a single tap. Since March 2018, the app is optimized not only for smartphones, but also for iPad with a dedicated graphical interface.

    Safy can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. Interested fire departments in South Tyrol can get in touch with zb.yf1529561148as@of1529561148ni1529561148 to receive access to their operations.

    Safy Screenshot 1    Safy Screenshot 2    Safy Screenshot 3
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